Roadrunner’s Towing/Heavy Duty Torque Converters

Increased Performance

Towing Torque Converters | Heavy Duty Torque Converters

Increase your towing performance and towing power with a heavy duty transmission towing torque converter by Roadrunner Converters. Based in Phoenix Arizona, roadrunner converters provides quality torque converters to specifically help increase your towing performance.

Our Towing Torque Converters feature The Billet Steel Front Cover and a modified lower stall to maximize vehicle performance. This converter is ideal for anyone looking for improved low end pulling power, improved fuel economy, and maximum strength for total reliability. Every upgrade has been added to ensure a trouble free heavy duty torque converter to go with that expensive transmission.


Heavy Duty FORD E40D/4R100
From $365.00

CHRYSLER 518/618 Heavy Duty
From $395.00

GM / DURAMAX Towing Torque
From $395.00

Sold on exchange basis. Core charge of $100.00 added without core.