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If you are searching for “GM torque converter“, ” 4l60e torque converter”, ” torque converter for 4l60e”, ” 2600 stall converter 4l60e”, or ” 4l60e performance torque converter”, Road Runner Torque Converters can help! We offer a wide range of replacement torque converters for GM vehicles including: GMC, Chevy, Cadillac, and more.

TH350 & 4L60E Torque Converters

How To Choose The Right GM Torque Converter

We have one of the largest selections of General Motors Torque Converters for sale in the U.S. to fit almost any transmission, vehicle application or GM model. These torque converters are all manufactured with parts & products that are of the same quality or even HIGHER than OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts.

Choosing the right type of Gm torque converter for your vehicle can sometimes be a compromise but choosing the wrong type of torque converter can shorten the life of your vehicle and potentially destroy the automatic transmission from too much heat. Torque converters should be chosen based on the RPM level of your vehicle. Most street legal engines run at low RPM’s. So, choosing a street torque converter that works at low RPM’s is right for you. Just like high performance vehicles need high performance racing torque converters.

For more information about choosing the right type of torque converter for your automatic transmissions CLICK HERE.

GMC, Cadillac, Chevy, Torque Converters and More…

If you are looking for a Heavy Duty billet, Triple Clutch, Custom High Performance GM, Chevy & Cadillac torque converters, TH350 torque converters, 4l60e torque converters, TH400, TH700R4, TH4l60, GM ALLISON BAD BOY or GM ALLISON BILLET TOWMASTER for GM, Chevy and Cadillac vehicles, you have come to the right place. How much do our torque converters cost? All of our GM torque converter prices are listed right here on the website. View below to see pricing.

About GM Torque Converters

Your torque converter was originally designed to ensure that the correct amount of transmission fluid is passed on to your transmission. This allows your engine to continue working while your vehicle isn’t running. If you notice something unusual happening like slipping or shuddering, it is very likely your torque converter will suffer failing. Here a few symptoms to let your know if your torque converter is having problems or not. Failing torque converter symptoms include temperature gauge overheating, large amount of black material in fluid, stall speed increase, or strange sounds coming from the torque converter. This are all situations where replacing the torque converter is a good idea. We offer a complete line of GM OEM torque converter for sale right here on our website.

Other Types Of Torque Converters We Sell