How Much Does Torque Converter Replacement Cost?

How Much Does Torque Converter Replacement Cost

If you notice your torque converter is producing strange sounds, having sudden speed changes, feels a little shake or your transmission is slipping or shifting improperly, it’s time to replace your torque converter. Learn more about how much torque converter replacement costs.

Torque converter replacement costs $800 and ranged from $600 to $1,000 depending on the make and model of your vehicle.

  • DIY Torque Converter Replacement: $150 to $500
  • Professional Torque Converter Replacement: $600 to $1000

If you plan on replacing your torque converter DIY, you will be looking at paying around $325 on average. If you plan on having a professional transmission shop install your torque converter for you, you will be looking at paying $800 on average.

Your transmission fluid should also be changed out at the same time you get your torque converter replaced. On average, a transmission flush costs about $175.

Oards states, “If you perform the torque converter replacement job yourself, you are only looking at around $140 to $490 in parts costs. But if you are going to an auto mechanic and getting a professional replacement service, then it will cost between $400 and $500 just for the labor.”

Transmission Repair Cost Guide states, “The torque converter itself is relatively inexpensive (between $150 and $350, depending on the vehicle), but 5-10 hours of labor is involved since the transmission must be removed in order to replace the torque converter.”

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